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The 2010 Species Championship was fished out of Albufeira in southern Portugal in the first week of September, and the competitors and their companions were blessed with sunny, if rather hot, conditions.

Nearly 100 anglers from 9 countries fished the event over two days, and enjoyed calm weather in which to seek the target species, this being bream. Early  morning starts were necessary, with all competitors having breakfast together at the marina before setting sail at 7.00.a.m. In the event a mixture of bream species were caught, together with mackerel, scad, conger and dorado, although these latter species did not count in the competition.

Bait supplied was shrimp, cockle and squid and most fish seemed to be taken on a cocktail of bait. A variety of bream species were caught, black and two banded predominating, with a sprinkling of larger fish. Whilst the average fish was not large, they were fairly plentiful and most anglers caught a reasonable number of fish.

Light tackle was the order of the day, and local anglers were well experienced in this style of fishing, and proved to show the way in most of the results at the end of the event, although the Senior, Ladies and Largest Fish went to foreign anglers.

Competitors and their companions enjoyed a prize-presentation and farewell dinner on the Sunday, most returning home rather more sun-tanned than when they arrived!

This first Championship in Portugal was enjoyed by all who attended, and congratulations go to EFSA Portugal for their hard work in organising a very successful event.

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