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What started  2 years ago as a long road ahead, came and went in a flash.

On Friday the 25th of October the first of 80 anglers started to arrive at the Holiday park Hof van Zeeland in Heinkenszand. Gradually the rest came on the following days. Some later than planned due to a huge storm that stopped ferries crossing or docking in the Dutch harbours. They were greeted with a box of groceries in there chalets to get them through the first day atleast.


23 Germans had planned to have their own National EFSA Shore Championships on Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately winds up to 150 km per hour  forced them to move it up to Tuesday. Typical dutch weather!

The Italians, who were competing for the first time in an EFSA Shore event , were shocked to see how the winds play havoc with the seas. They actually thought we were slightly insane for wanting to fish this weather. It took some convincing , but they finally accepted my explanation on how this is only for 2 days. Tuesday morning the  wind had disappeared and it was dry.

At 8 pm the opening  , drawing of zones and entering of 2 and 4 man teams was accompanied by 4 drinks each and some finger food all paid for by EFSA Netherlands. The atmosphere is already  really good. For most anglers it felt like a reunion. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships made. This promised to be a good competition for everybody.


Wednesday morning everybody piled into their cars to go to the first venue Zoutelande.

This venue is divided over 3 carparks. We came across the first problem. For the first time in months the car park for 2 of the zones was full and we needed to divert to another one. This proved difficult for some people who shared  car with other team members. And for some it is just such a shame that they do not listen. Despite the hassles everybody was on their peg on time. The wind had died down considerably.

Riccardo Miserendino won A zone with 19 fish 407 cms. 2nd place was taken by Bernd Gaidus 18 fish 365 cms. Frank Wielgoss also from Germany came in 3rd with 15 fish.

In B zone it was a very close call between yet another 2 Germans 1st Alexander Dorow ( 19 ) 2nd Andreas Burkhardt  , 3rd Michàel Quinn Ireland  and Remi Lindhout Neth. All 3 with 18 fish.

It was a neck and neck race in C zone  between Frank Koop ( 15)  , Joe Byrne ( 16 ) and Volker Claus with 18 fish. Volker being the winner of C zone. Frank Koop of the Netherlands even managed to land a 37 cm Sole, which Joe Byrne took home for dinner.

 In D zone Björn Hansen of Germany booked 27 fish. Dave Lovelock England 2nd with 14 fish and 3rd  was Frank van der Zande with also 14 fish. A mixture of dabs , whiting , flounder and small sea bass were caught

Arjan Rijnberg of the Netherlands dominated zone E and the day with 36 fish 793 cms. The 2 Italians Francesco Intini 2nd with 17 fish adding up to 388 cms and Angelo Rubino 15 fish totalling 332 cms.     It took until 3 in the morning to get the results done. Thanks to Phil Lustig and John O’Connor who brought their own programme with them. The programme we were provided with had no formula’s in it. A total of 763 fish were caught on the first day.

Day 2 we started off with a pegging problem. The wind was pushing the waves up against the dyke making the planned venue dangerous for the anglers. We moved up to the right placing 4 zones on the beach. The match started half an hour later to give everybody time to get to their pegs. Which for most anglers was a longer walk than they had hoped for. Matthew Lustig and Frank Koop both started the match later. They stayed with a dutch cyclist who had crashed his bike at the carpark where the anglers were getting prepared. Both aided the injured man and waited with him until the ambulance arrived. Unfortunately anglers were having difficulty holding their leads. The distance casters kept ground and caught the fish. Tommaso Reni Italy won the A zone with 7 fish followed by Warren Doyle Ireland with 3 fish. 3rd place for Alexander Dorow who also had 3 fish but they were smaller.

 In B zone it was a neck and neck race with 4 anglers with 5 fish and 1 with 4. Michàel Quinn Ireland won with 118 cms . Frank van der Zande Neth. 2nd with 109 and Björn Hansen Ger. 3rd with 101cms.

C zone had the most blanks but that didn’t stop Dutchman Remi Lindhout. He marked 16 fish on his scorecard leaving Andreas Burkhardt behind him with 12 fish. Clive Ivory could add a 3rd place to his list with only 4 fish.

In D zone there were considerably more fish coming in Riccardo Miserendino could add another zone win to his name with 31 fish , a grand total of 719cms. Joe Byrne 2nd with 19 fish , 455cms. And 3rd place went to the German Volker Claus 295 cms.

 Last but certainly not least  E zone where Arjan Rijnberg once again aced the match with 34 fish totalling 821cms. Philip Franke the other Dutchman caught , less than half that amount  , 15 fish. Still good for a 2nd place being followed by Frank Wielgoss , Germany with 13 fish.

 All in all only 269 fish were caught. A huge difference from Wednesday. There was a slight problem at the end of the match. Some anglers hadn’t been listening and stopped at 8.30 pm while the match was planned until 9 o’clock.

Once again the wind was pushing the waves up to the dunes. On the third day Frank Koop had extreme difficulty to peg the beach. The pins couldn’t be placed in the sand. Frank had to lay them out on the bottom slope of the dunes which was covered with asphalt. Children found the pins and decided to take them back with them. Needless to say 2 zones had to be re-pegged. Despite all pegging mishaps we still started the match on time. The water looked promising and the sun was shining. What more could we want. The fish were present in huge amounts with only 2 blanks on the whole venue.

Riccardo Miserendino won his zone for  the 3rd day in a row with 28 fish. Frank Koop who started 20 minutes later than the rest caught 21 fish.3rd place went to Mike Flynn of Wales with 20 fish in A zone.

Matthew Lustig of Wales won B zone with 22 fish followed by Dave Lovelock from England with 21 fish.

Zone C was dominated once again by Arjan Rijnberg. This time with 31 fish. The runner up was Santo Gerardo Leva Italy , with 26 fish and 3rd place going to John O’Connor with 18 fish.  The amount of fish made up for all the walking up and down the beach. When the tide goes out, it goes out fast and far . Most anglers mistake the distance and speed the water runs out and ofcourse runs back in.


D zone was the second best zone of the day with 226 fish caught between 16 anglers. Volker Claus  had 24 on his scorecard.  Dave Evans from England redeemed himself after Thursdays blank  with a 2nd place marking 25 fish. Only 4 cms behind him with 24 fish was Arturo Montagnese Italy. Once again a very close call.

The German Karl Dettmar was the lucky winner in E zone catching 27 fish. Mike Bowden from Scotland was 2nd with 25 fish. Also with 25 fish Manolo Sodini just 5 cms less than Mike.

The biggest surprise was the 57cm dogfish caught by Helgi Bergsson from Iceland entitling him to the pool prize for biggest round fish. This is the first time a dogfish has been caught during a Dutch EFSA Shore event. The match ended at 8.30 pm and the reactions were the same all up and down the beach. Everybody wanted to keep on fishing longer. The weather was just perfect and the fish were still coming in. Once back at the holiday park the counting could start. Some scorecards were very  dirty and hard to read. That made making the end results a long and tedious job. Once again we were up until 3 in the morning,  with Phil Lustig and John O’Connor, re-counting the scorecards.

We posted the results at 3.30 knowing we could finally have a good night sleep and prepare for the next day. Early in the morning we had one small dispute concerning the end results. This was fixed with 5 minutes to everybody’s satisfaction. The anglers were requested to be dressed in uniform and present at the Restaurant Stelleplas at 6 pm for a banquet followed by the prize presentation. Once again everyone present received 4 tokens provided by EFSA Netherlands for free drinks. This seemed to be a very appreciated gesture.  The food was wonderful and plentiful for everyone.

Salads   Hot section with chicken , beef , pork and fish
Even waiting was fun  Desserts

After dinner the prize presentation started and without a problem the medals and prizes were presented. Peter Dohmen , former Chairman of EFSA Netherlands and editor of 5 fishing magazines in The Netherlands presented the Womens medals and prizes.

Gold     Miranda Koop
Silver    Katharina Schleiff
Bronze  Clarinda van der Zande


Gold Arjan Rijnberg 48 points 2784 cm    Silver Riccardo Miserendino 48 points 2100 cm
Bronze Volker Claus 46 points 1451 cm.
Gold  Ireland A Silver     Italy A
Bronze Netherlands A  Daniel Tucker Junior Champion

2067 fish were caught with a  total length of 449 m 43 cms. That is some achievement seeing the anglers were aged between 16 (Daniel) and 82 ( Brian Booker).

EFSA Netherlands can look back on a fantastic Shore Event. We are proud of all the winners and hope they wear their pins with honour.

 A notebook was sent around from table to table. Anglers could

“Feel free to write down any complaints – comments or compliments “

Some reactions : organisation was great , fishing great , people fab.  Excellent competition , very well organized and run.  Thanks for a lovely week. Great fishing competition . Well done EFSA Netherlands, lovely people. Excellent hospitality .   Thanks. Well done , well organized bait very good. Thanks for the wonderful time. Enjoyable week shame about the fishing on day 2  . Nice chalets    shame about day 2.  We came we fished  we failed. Hospitality better than the fishing. Italy hopes to fish many more like this one. Thank you for the VIP treatment. Miranda we love you! . Resort is perfect for this event. Thanks a million for everything. Thanks for the great time we want to come again. I came I fished I was rubbish! Had a lovely time. Congrats on a great comp and an enjoyable time. I cannot fault anything within you power. Team felt very well looked after. Wonderful experience, exceptional fishing , VIP treatment, exceptional organisation please do it again! All the Sicilians compliment EFSA Netherlands.

And on the positive note I end my report.  Miranda Koop

Chairman EFSA Netherlands 
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