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Sunday the 7th September and the Championship was formerly opened at the HQ hotel, the Rivera Hotel in Weymouth, and the EFSA flag was raised on the flagpole outside the hotel where it proudly fluttered in the variable wind through the week.

Monday the 8th and the Boat Championship got under way. 135 hopeful anglers from 16 sections mustered on the quay ready to board the boats. All boats were quickly loaded and they made their way out of Weymouth harbour where upon the boat skippers headed for their first mark of the day and the Boat Championship began.

The boats moved during the day with a mixture of drifting and time at anchor to allow the anglers to catch the different species available in the area. Principal species caught the first day included Bream, Dab, Dogfish, Garfish, Gurnard, Mackerel, Pollock, Pout and Wrasse with a couple of Rays and one Mullet.

At the end of the day and Hiko Drier of Ireland was top of the boat winners with 40 scoring fish.

The next 3 days were very similar fishing and while Hiko held the lead initially the last day saw movement in the top 3 with the final outcome and Pin winners, 1st  and Gold Pin Anthony Gaicomini (Italy), 2nd Rob Shattock (England), 3rd Colin Searles (England)

Fish caught over 20cm
Day 1  2512
Day 2  2097
Day 3  2031
Day 4    2651
Total    9291

Line Class Fish caught
Turbot   23
Brill       10
Plaice   223
Total    256     

Line Class after count back winner and Gold Pin, Richard Wheeler (England), 2nd Ray Barron (England), 3rd Brett Wieham (South Africa).

Of note caught on the 4kg line Richard Russell of England caught a Brill of 1.895kg which subject to confirmation will be a new World & European Line Class Record

Line Class has to be one of the best ever, not necessarily because of the fish caught but the fun and friendship on the boats, where most of us on the plaice grounds were that close to each other there was plenty of talk between boats and the trend was set soon into the fishing that every time a fish was caught on a boat a cheer went up on that boat which almost all boats in the Championship could hear. Also the sun and calm seas helped.

Friday after the fishing the Presentation and Gala dinner went ahead at the Rivera Hotel. At the end of the presentation the EFSA flag was passed to Section Scotland in readiness to be raised at the 2015 Boat and Line in Orkney Islands
I have lost count of the good comments from the anglers both on the quay on Friday and at the presentation, I believe most competitors went away with good memories of Weymouth and the event.
So I think a big well done and pat on the back to all those that helped to make the week the success that it was.

Report by Kim Bowden
Secretary EFSA England

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