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European Boat Championships Elsinore Denmark, August 5-9th 2013

We had a good Championship week with the sun shining every day except Thursday and there were plenty of fish; in all more than 20.000 fish were caught & released. The event went well, no fishing accidents, hardly any weever fish, professional skippers, a high competitive standard and after having learned how to pierce the neighbour’s card, the scorecards went well. There was a tight race in the men’s event, only 0.4 boat-points between contestant 6 to 10. Also there was a tight race between the participating juniors and for the second place in the ladies championship.

The competition started with Day 1 Line Class Championship, which gave all competitors a good feeling for the type of fishing, the species and the size. Unfortunately the size of the fish was not impressive, but the amount and diversity compensated for this. The Danish and Swedish anglers already showed on this first day that they were ready for the battle of the Øresund.

The fishing for both the Line Class and Boat events was mainly on the drift with the “normal” Øresund fish being caught. The herring were not present in the big schools of fish and garfish were very scarce. The Øresund was invaded by coalfish and these turned out to be the most caught fish of the competition.   If you wanted to fish well you needed a good mix of different species; from flatfish to goldsinny wrasse. All types of tackle were used and hook-sizes down to size 14. The supply of worms was sufficient, but many fishers used artificial baits as a supplement.

In the opinion of the Danish organization artificial baits are here to stay. We believe that there is no possibility to differentiate between scented/non-scented worms, twisters, eddystone eels etc. and that these baits enrich the fishing. This is an area which will need to be debated in the near future.

The week concluded with the Prize Presentation ceremony, followed by an enjoyable Gala Dinner.

Photographs on this website cover those winners wearing official uniform.

On the website of the Danish Seafishing Association www.dhf.nu you can find all results and over 200 pictures of the Championship. On behalf of the Danish organization thanks are given for a very good and positive European Championship. The Danish section hope to see you all again at the species Championship in 2016.

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