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EFSA European Boat & Line Class Championships, September 2012 , Tanager Norway.

95 competitors from 13 sections came to Tananger to participate in the 50th anniversary Championships of EFSA. It was Tananger and Stavanger Deep Sea Fishing Club that was the host in 1962 and it was SDSFC that had the pleasure to welcome the 50th European Championships in 2012.  

There were a total of 20 boats booked, all of them with good local knowledge of the fishing banks and high focus on service and safety.

The opening of the Championships took place at the Hummeren Hotel. All the anglers and guests were enjoying the good weather on the beautiful terrace at Hummeren . It was also very good that the Chairman of EFSA Norway John Erik Roth was able to participate as he had been very sick for some time. The Chairman of Stavanger Deep Sea Fishing Club Roar Sandvoll wished everybody welcome and told the anglers a little bit of the long tradition of angling in this area. The Mayor of Sola Mr. Ole Ueland  also highlighted the angling tradition and wished the organizing committee and the anglers all the best and tight lines. EFSA Chairman, Horst Schneider  gave a nice gift from EFSA to John Erik Roth for all the work he had put in for EFSA even though his health had not been good lately. Horst Schneider then declared the Championship 2012 for open.

Boat Championships
Some or most of the anglers had been out fishing the different fishing banks a couple of days before the Championship started. They had all good reports that there were fish and a lot of species on the fishing banks. At the quayside the anglers could find a tackle shop and Janne had a booth where the anglers could get coffee, soft drinks and her famous homemade waffles .  

Day One
All the anglers were lined up on the terrace at the Hummeren Hotel by their boat number.  In a quick captain /steward briefing from Roar, it was decided that all fishing banks were open for the day. Roar also informed all the anglers again about how to mark the score card so there were no doubts or questions about it.  It was then time to load the boats and get some fish.  The result of the first day was good, as a lot of fish were caught, including many famous Grey Gurnard. Best catch of the day was Petter Skudal; representing Norway A.

Day Two
The morning was bad, with very strong wind and rough sea. Roar and his team checked with the weather stations to get an hour by hour forecast. We then went up to the pilot station to get a better view over sea, and we invited Neil Bryant and Marcus Wuest to come with us. With the information from the weather stations and what we saw from the pilot station, there was no doubt. Day two was cancelled. All the anglers respected the decision, and went shopping instead.  Neil and the rest of the England team set up a competition fishing from the quayside inside Stavanger harbor, won by Ray Barron.

Day three
This morning the weather was much better, but still some heavy sea from the storm on Tuesday. Fishing commenced within a limited area. During the morning fishing; seas were calming down and it was decided to open up for fishing at all banks. Highest score this day was Victor Alikin; representing Russia A.

Day four
A beautiful day and the fishing area was open. Due to three days of fishing the boats were spread around all the fishing banks. It is always a special atmosphere on day four. This is the day when we get a new European Champion.  There were two guys that had full score 300 points. That was Lars Hellum from Norway and Anthony Mario Giacomini. It was Lars that won and became European Champion and Anthony Mario very close runner-up. In the ladies class it was Liv Øglænd from Norway that became the new European Champion, her score also gave her a fourth place in the Championship. The Senior Class was won Ernest Borell , Gibraltar. The junior class was won by Anthony Mario Giacomini Italy. That also gave him the second place in the Championship. Congratulations to Lars ,  Liv , Ernest  and Anthony Mario.

Line Class Championship
All the anglers got their Ande line on the reels and ready for the last day of the 50 years anniversary of EFSA in Tanager. The weather was good and the fishing banks were open. Some want to go for bonus fish (20 points) and other want to go for spices ( 20 points for each specimen).  There were a lot of good catches and the best angler and  Line Class Champion was Marcus Wuest,  Germany. Silver and Bronze pins winner were Ray Barron, England  and Tom Unsgaard Norway. The Line Class Ladies was won by Hilde Skiffard , Norway, in second place  Vigdis Sandvoll , Norwayand the third place went to Katharina Schleiff , Germany. Line Class Juniors was won by Anthony Mario Giacomini, Italy, and in second and third places it was Stein R. Tveit, Norway and Christoffer R. Liland , Norway.  The Senior Line Class was won by Kenneth Smith , England.

Prize giving ceremony
The prize giving ceremony took place at the traditional Victoria hotel. Price winners were presented with awards supplied by our great sponsors, the award winners also got the pleasure to pose with the original silver trophies from 50 years back.

Gala dinner
The traditional Gala dinner also took place at Victoria hotel and the atmosphere was great among the anglers. This concluded the Golden Anniversary European Boat and Line Championships.

We would also take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, a special thanks to Ande, Nordic Outdoor and Pure Fishing.

EFSA Norway wishes EFSA Denmark all the best of luck for their Championship in 2013 and we hope to see you all there.

Until then, Tight Lines

EFSA Norway

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