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It is regretted that due to the organising section failing to submit a full report on the event we are unable to publish full details, or photographs of the 2011 Championships.

Individual and team results are as follows, but species and other awards are not currently available:

Line Class


1st     G. Croft                  100     Fish points  1375
2nd    S. Gibson              100     Fish points    778
3rd    J. Schik                 100     Fish points   750
3rd    A. Machiels          100      Fish points  750
5th    S. Norman            100      Fish points  731

Two Man Team

1st   S. Souter, S. Gibson        200       Fish points 1503
2nd  R. Barron, N. Bryant      200       Fish points   1035
3rd  M. Ruff, E. Hughes         200       Fish points  969

Four Man Team

1st    A. Selby, P. Dack, R. Barron, N. Bryant       340.36
2nd    S. Gibson, S. Souter, M. Duncan, L. Williamson     290.91
3rd   G. Latimer, D. Latimer, R. Amor, D. Clark      284.90

Life Members

1st    S. Gibson    100       Fish points   778
2nd   N. Bryant   100      Fish points   585
3rd   S. Kjartansdottir   100            Fish points   550


1st     S. Kjartansdottir   100
2nd    V. Stammer   92.73
3rd    C. Schutte    88.68


1st      A. Giacomini     12.85




1st     B. Larsson    100
2nd    T. Entwistle    91.34
3rd    J. Henderson   57.89


Boat Championships


1st    R. Barron            400
2nd   H. Dreier             398.45
3rd   C. Searles            395.35
4th   S. Messina           394.81
5th   F. Couzinet          390.7
6th   R. Adamson        390.58
7th   M. Salvatori         389.33
8th   Mark Smith         388.01
9th   A. Giacomini       382.98
10th M. La Bella         372.74


Two Man Team

1st     C. Searles, R. Adamson        785.93
2nd    M. La Bella, S. Messina        767.54
3rd    D. Salvatori, M. Salvatori    755.79

Four Man Team

1st      C. Searles, R. Adamson, F. Couzinet, H. Dreier               1575.07
2nd     D. Salvatori, M. Salvatori, U. Fontemaggi, R. Scalzo      1467.25
3rd     V. Erani,  M. La Bella,  S. Messina,  R. Melandri             1411.88

Executive Teams

1st      G. Latimer,  C. Searles,  V. Erani, R. Melandri              1336.14
2nd     A. Ramos,  M. Duncan,  H. Dreier,  G. Bell                     1281.35
3rd     Mike Smith,  M. La Bella,  M. Osborne,  J. Smith          1278.97

Life Members

1st      R. Barron       400
2nd     H. Dreier        398.45
3rd     C. Searles       395.35



1st     M. Gavin-Hughes       265.01
2nd    P. Shortt                      260.05
3rd   J. Goncharova            234.77


1st     A. Giacomini         382.98
2nd    R. Casey                272.73
3rd    F. Aasland             104.62

National Teams

1st  England A
      R. Russell,  R. Barron,  C. Searles,  G. Galbraith,  N. Bryant                1526.23

2nd Italy B
      U. Fontemaggi, M. La Bella,  S. Messina,  M. Amato,  R. Scalzo           1520.26

3rd Italy A
V. Erani, D. Salvatori, M. Salvatori, R. Melandri, A. Giacomini                1504.24



1st      J. Whippy           343.24
2nd    T. Entwistle         291.49
3rd    D. Clark               269.79

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