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European Boat and Line Class Championships Dalvik, Iceland May 2010

Fate played many tricks before EFSA’s annual event finally took place. In addition to the financial woes of the World, Mother Nature decided to join in the fun with volcanic eruptions, ash and cancelled flights all thrown into the fray. It was with considerable relief the 140 competitors finally met in the stunning setting of North Iceland and the friendly town of Dalvik. 13 sections were represented by those present.

The Mayor and our President welcomed us all to Dalvik on Sunday; in addition a great show of horsemanship by riders on Icelandic Horses outside set the scene for what would be a memorable event.

Fishing in the Boat Championships was from the 10th to the 13th May, with each angler allowed a maximum of 25 fish per day of Cod, Haddock and Coalfish, with a maximum of 5 fish in other species. Additional fish in each species did not score.

There were 11 boats, mostly old wooden whale watching boats, in the Championships and seven of them were divided into two boats A- and B-side. The number of anglers on a boat was from six to ten.
Departure time from the harbour was at 07:00.a.m. and the fishing time six hours.

Day one and the wind had turned to blow from the North and straight down the fjord, this proved extremely cold and those without gloves suffered extreme pain. The setting though made up for the discomfort. Fishing was conducted in a large deep water fjord with a backdrop of snow covered volcanic mountains and a crystal clear blue sky. The wind led to fast drifts and many fish being covered. Species encountered; Cod, Ling, Whiting, Dabs, Coalfish, Plaice, Long Rough Dabs, Haddock, Redfish, Tusk, Skulpin and Catfish.  

Days two and three had similar fish but less numbers due to the kinder weather. The wind was no longer from the North and drifts were considerably slower, the sun was shining strongly and angling was again a pleasure.

Day four and the wind reverted to blowing from the North and joined in concert by driving rain. The competitors were pleased to be ashore at the end of the main Championship although most importantly the fishing had remained consistently excellent throughout the event.

Day five and everyone changed to fishing single hook rigs on the excellent supplied 6kg Ande monofilament line for the Line Class Championship. Local skippers prevailed and the winning anglers were kept constantly busy throughout the day. The temperature and weather was kind and this was a wonderful way to finish the 2010 Championships.

The total number of fish caught were 14,663; 11,581 in the Boat Championship and 3,082 in the Line Class Championship. Thirteen species of fish were caught:
Cod, Haddock, Coalfish, Dab, Redfish, Shorthorn Sculpin, Whiting, Catfish, Tusk, Plaice, Rough Dab, Ling and Thorny Skate. The total weight of the fish in both Championships was 16,577 kilos:

Ashore on the final day a tug of war competition was held, and against the perceived odds Section England prevailed.  

Saturday saw the prize presentation and Gala Dinner being held in Dalvik, who had taken us all to their hearts as we did them. A wonderful set of Championships closed with all competitors leaving with great memories and reinforced friendships. Section England in the closing ceremony accepted the Championship flag in preparation for next year’s event in Weymouth, England.

Section Iceland continued the tradition in style of providing EFSA members the best events fished in a friendly and competitive spirit.

All detailed results are in the following pages and pictures from the Championships are on EFSA Iceland´s website www.efsa.is  

The Town Council and the people of Dalvik did their utmost to meet the requirements and wishes of the Organising Committee and the competitors and their partners resulting in an invitation Saturday 8th May to four private homes to taste and enjoy local fish soup. The guests enjoyed it very much and it was a success.

EFSA Iceland thanks everybody that participated in and helped them make the Championships a reality; the skippers and their assistants, the Fish-captains, the EFSA Iceland staff on shore, EFSA HQ, the officials and the people of Dalvik.


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