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EFSA Big Game Fishing Team Championships 2008 Mexico Report & Results

EFSA Sections of Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Scotland and Russia and from the EFSA affiliated South African Sea Angling Association were represented by  85 members at the Open EFSA Big Game Fishing Team Championship in Mexico in November 2008. The participants formed 23 teams of up to 4 anglers.

The represented EFSA Sections nominated 19 of those teams to be EFSA Section National teams for the EFSA National Team Big Game Fishing Championship 2008, fished in conjunction with the Open competition.

EFSA members of the Sections Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, Gibraltar, Norway and Russia formed two National teams A and B , and the EFSA Sections of Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland and South Africa were represented in the National Team Championship by just one A team. Each of the competing teams fished from two boats, with 2 anglers each, over 4 Championship fishing days, with boats drawn independently each day.

Immediately after the start signal on the 4 Championship days the 46 special charter boats made spectacular roaring noises with their engines and big waves when they left the bay of Zihuatanejo at full speed. The skippers tried to get their anglers as quickly as possible to special fishing grounds, selected to catch specific sea fish species.

It needed strong logistic work, in the dark morning hours of those 4 Championship days, to get the 85 EFSA members in their drawn boats. In addition the lunch packets and baits had to be distributed and furthermore personal fishing tackle had to be given to the participants in the charter boats.  With the full co-operation of helpful members of the Mexican local sea angling club of Zihuatanejo and the assistance of the experienced boat skippers the organization of the EFSA Big Game Fishing Championships 2008, the required and complicated organization was a success. The 5 Championship committee members followed proposals of experienced Danish EFSA members, who had already fished in this area of the Pacific Ocean, outside of the Mexican big game fishing centre, in previous years during competitions of the Danish EFSA Section.

As stated in the programme this EFSA Championships was a catch and release competition. The IGFA and the new EFSA game fishing rules had to be adhered to. The competition results calculation was made on a basis of scoring points, allocated per fish and for species as bonus points.

The first fishing results proved that the bonus release points scored for catches of small fish species were too high, compared to the points given for billfishes. During the EFSA Championship some species of small sea fish were around in large numbers inshore and easily caught! For this reason the organization team restricted the number of these small fish which scored points. The rule change was made to stop inshore fishing of small fish. A scoring limitation of just 10 fishes of each Sea fish species, each EFSA Championship day, for the competitors on each boat, will be proposed to be added as additional EFSA game fishing rule for future events.

The opening ceremony, with the team captain meeting, and the prize-giving ceremony, were highlights of this EFSA big game fishing Championships in Mexico 2008.

Traditional folklore showing artists using colourful historic clothes, spicy local meals, good drinks and special Mexican music typified the social evenings of the game fishing EFSA members and guests, at a tropical beach area of the Pacific Ocean.

At this EFSA big game fishing Championships, 1048 fish were caught and scored in Zihuatanejo in Mexico, during the 4 competition fishing days. 

The boat captains registered catches of the following numbers of species on the scoring cards:

  • 771 Bonitos
  • 71 Sailfishes
  • 59 Skipjacks, black
  • 50 Mackerels, Spanish
  • 36 Needlefishes
  • 26 Jacks
  • 21 Dolphin fishes
  • 5 Grouper
  • 2 Trevally
  • 2 Tunas, yellow fin
  • 2 Snapper
  • 2 Marlin, black
  • 1 African Pompano

Open EFSA Big Game Fishing Team Championship 2008 winners were team 10

  • Holger Damerius EFSA Section Germany
  • Bernhard Boldt EFSA Section Germany,
  • Daniel Boldt  EFSA Section Germany
  • Thomas Reinhardt EFSA Section Germany

Second place in the Open EFSA Big Game Fishing Team Championship 2008  were team 14

  • Danny Gabay EFSA Section Gibraltar
  • Anthony Pons EFSA Section Gibraltar
  • Shaun Balban EFSA Section Gibraltar
  • Bernhard Wright EFSA Section Gibraltar

Third place in the Open EFSA Big Game Fishing Team Championship 2008 were team 5

  • Tommy Squires EFSA Section Ireland
  • James Jones EFSA Section Ireland
  • Hans Christian Clausen EFSA Section Denmark
  • Claus PedersenØ EFSA Section Denmark

EFSA National Team Big Game Fishing Championship 2008 winner was the team Germany B with the above mentioned open team Championship winning team members. In second place in the EFSA National Team Big Game Fishing Championship were team Gibraltar B with the above mentioned team members of the open team 14. The third place of the EFSA National Team Big Game Fishing Championship were team Germany A with the members: Joachim Josch, Armin Ehret, Uwe Krey and Claus Scheel.


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