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The EFSA European Shore Angling Championships for 2006 took place on the Eastern beaches of County Wexford in the South East of Ireland from the First to the Fourth of November.

Competitors from England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales competed for the Title.

The check-in and draw for pegs took place at the Championship Headquarters, Seàn Òg’s Hotel and Holiday Complex in Kilmuckridge on the evening of November First.

EFSA Ireland Chairman George McCullough welcomed the competitors and hoped for a good Championship with sportsmanship and friendship to the fore.

The draw for pegs took place at 8pm to the mandatory EFSA format and was conducted by EFSA Ireland Honorary Secretary Warren Doyle under the watchful eye of newly appointed EFSA Shore Festival Officer, Phil Lustig.

With the draw complete and the formalities over, those present tucked into a well presented and delicious finger food buffet sponsored by the host Nation.

As the bait distribution time was not until mid-day the next morning most of the anglers and guests adjourned to the convenience of the adjacent imbibing emporium for the customary exchange of misguidance and half truths which is  generally associated with these events.

Day One of the Championships saw the anglers bright and chirpy ( most of them anyway ) as they attended the draw for bait. The bait supplied was Mackerel, Sandeel and Black Lug Wraps.

The venue for the first session was Courtown North and South Beaches . Starting at 14.00 Hrs the anglers were soon into fish. Flounder, Lesser Spotted Dogfish, Whiting and Dabs were steadily captured, measured and returned to the water.

The leader after day one was Ireland’s Ian Knight with 17 fish.

Day Two saw the anglers compete on the Beaches at Tinnebearna and Ballinamona. This was to prove a different prospect with a few early fish and then a long lull before they found their appetite again. As darkness approached whiting and dabs moved closer in to the relief the anglers.  The best catch on day two fell to England’s Brian ( Budge ) Booker with 17 fish which put him into overall first place.

The final session was contested on Morriscastle Beach, all eyes were on ‘Budge’ as the wise reckoning considered that he needed to finish in the first three to take the title.

The catch rate was somewhat erratic with good ‘bags’ flanked by blanks or much fewer numbers. With everything to play for the intensity was palpable. As the day drew on the word on the beach was that there were a small number of good catches notably Hayden Cole from Wales who had been ‘pulling’ Dogs steadily at distance.

At the end of the session the best for the day was Hayden Cole with 14 L.S.D’s taken on a single hook clip down at extreme distance with sandeel.

The Presentation Dinner Took place at the Championship H.Q. at 8pm and was well attended. The Hotel served up a superb meal which was enjoyed by all.

The presentation of prizes followed with EFSA Ireland President Dermot Finnegan doing the Honours in conjunction with Michael Corlett of Viking Tackle in Bray, the main sponsor with Grauvell. EFSA Ireland would like to sincerely thank Michael for securing this Sponsorship.

The awarding of Championship / Festival Pins was carried out by Phil Lustig, EFSA Shore Championship Officer.

The results were as follows:


  1. Brian Budge Booker, England.
  2. Dave Lovelock, England.
  3. Steve Tucker, Wales.

2 Man Team: 

  1. Kenny Gainfort / Steve Tucker, Wales.
  2. Dave Lovelock / Reg Clough, England.
  3. Mick Kane / Ian Knight, Ireland.

4 Man Team:  

  1. Kenny Gainfort / Steve Tucker / Shane Tucker / Steve Lewis, Wales.
  2. Paul Curtice / Brian Flack / Brian Budge Booker, England and Frank Koop, Holland.
  3. Siert Schuls and Alan Ò’Dowling, Ireland, Theo Rijnberg, Holland and Geoff Carlin, Scotland.

4 Man Executive Team: 

  1. Tony Taite, Ireland, Leigh Rogers, Wales, Frank Koop, Holland, Paul Curtice, England.
  2. Shane Tucker, Steve Tucker, Wales, Geoff Carlin, Scotland, Alan Ò’Dowling, Ireland.
  3. Ian Knight, Darren Ryan, Ireland, Kenny Gainfort, Phil Lustig, Wales.

Life Members:

  1. Tony Taite, Ireland.
  2. Darren Ryan, Ireland.
  3. Ian Knight, Ireland.

International Teams:

  1. England A.  Paul Curtice, John Campbell, Reg Clough, Dave Lovelock, Brian Flack.
  2. Wales A.   Kenny Gainfort, Phil Lustig, Alan Cheswick, Hayden Cole, Steve Tucker.
  3. Ireland A.   Stephen Glynn, Darren Ryan, Ian Knight, Richard Gormley, Micheàl Quinn.

EFSA Ireland would like to thank all those who made this such a wonderful Championships and look forward to welcoming competitors and friends to Ireland again very soon.

Warren Doyle,
Hon. Secretary,
EFSA Ireland

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